GONGDREEN silicone cat straw (2 colors)

GONGDREEN silicone cat straw (2 colors)


Option: Green-Blue(1set)/ Black-Pink(1set)



  • Material : Safe Silicone 100%

  • Temperature: -40C - 250C

  • Size: Length 21cm / internal diameter 5mm/ outer diameter 7mm

  • Includes: 2 cat straws, 1 straw cleaning brush, 1 cotton pouch

  • Colors: Green-Blue/ Black-Pink


<How to clean>

  • Use the cleaning brush.

  • Hot water disinfection is recommended for less than 5 minutes.

  • Dishwasher is available.



  • The cat is removable.

  • If you put the cat’s tail on the cup, the straw won’t slip.

  • Due to the silicon’s properties, dust may stick to the product.

  • After purchasing, boil in hot water for 1 min before using it.

  • If you are sensitive to silicone smell, soak the straw in sugar water (sugar 1: water1) for more than 4 hours and boil them in hot water for 5 minutes before use.

  • Due to the silicon’s properties, the finish line may be revealed.


GONGDREEN is a Korean company that designs and produces tea products for adults with childhood innocence.